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November 3 and November 8

Great Ethnographic Dictation

About the project

November 3 and November 8

International Educational event "Great Ethnographic Dictation"

Great Ethnographic Dictation is an education campaign that informs us on the culture of peoples living in Russia and also allows us to estimate the ethnographic literacy level.

The campaign organizators are The Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs and The Ministry of National Policy of the Udmurt Republic.

The Dictation tasks are in a test form. There are 30 questions in the test:

  1. 20 questions – common part of the Dictation, the same for all of the Participants;
  2. 10 questions – special part of the Dictation for each subject of the Russian Federation and other countries.

How to participate

  1. 1

    Visit the website any day November 3rd through 8th

  2. 2

    Click on "Write the Dictation"

  3. 3

    Fill in the contact data

  4. 4

    Answer 30 questions

  5. 5

    Download the Certificate of participation

Игорь Баринов

The primary goal of the event is to make residents of Russia have a desire to study their roots, the traditions of their ancestors, to learn more about those who live nearby. As awareness is the basis for mutual respect and harmony between people of different nationalities.

Igor Barinov

Head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs

Statistic data

  • Countries
  • Participants
  • 2017

    • countries:11

    • participants:367 thsd

  • 2018

    • countries:35

    • participants:392 thsd

  • 2019

    • countries:42

    • participants:454 thsd

  • 2020

    • countries:123

    • participants:1742thsd


The most exciting and memorable moments of the Great Ethnographic Dictation through the photographs of the participants.